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Enclosed Mobile Skate Carrier

Skating America manufactures a Enclosed Locking Skateboard Storage Cabinet and
Enclosed Locking Skating Cabinet (holds 30 to 36 skates) of Quad Skates and In Line Skates. Our Cabinets have non marking wheels, and are ventilated. Easy to move on wheels to any location and has a Advanced Locking System.
We are advertised in many professional equipment catalogs.

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Currently there are no finer skate carriers available sold on the market. These specially designed cabinets are state of the art when it comes to storing and moving skates. The following list highlights the undisputable craftsmanship and features that compose each cabinet.

Enclosed Locking Skate Board-PE Storage instruction, beginning curriculum skate equipment rental skating america

  • Comes with a sliding track locking system that provides for security.
  • Holds up to 30 pair of skates on three shelves.
  • Mobile Skate Carriers are designed for maximum ventilation so that skates breathe.
  • Highly durable structure: contains steel reinforced foundation with steel mesh throughout.
  • High density wheels are for support and ease of transport.
  • Access to skates is facilitated by and are enhanced with fully accessible doors.
  • Assembled and ready to use.

instruction, beginning curriculum skate equipment rental skateboard cabinets

Call for specials on cabinet, skates, protective gear, skateboard packets and shipping costs which vary by location.  Funding available through: School tax donations, capital funds and grants.

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